Retro Cooking with Kelly, Canapé Edition

by Kelly Zemnickis
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retro cooking ep 3

The Brides Book, Montreal, 1932Kelly joins us once again for another fun edition of Retro Cooking! The canapés she makes for us today come from 1932 straight outta The Brides Book, and whoosh, they are… something.

I don’t know about you but when you look at the recipes (and Kelly’s facial expressions in the video) below, it makes me wish I could attend a fancy cocktail party in the 1930’s just to watch other people eat super fancy offerings *ahem*.

Before we get to the recipe, however, here’s a fun fact: I will never not pronounce canapés as CAN-APES instead of CA-NAH-PAES in my head as I read it.

Anyway, Let’s Cook With Kelly, shall we? First, the recipe:

Brides Cookbook Recipes Canapes

And next, the video:



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