Justifiably homicide ruling in stabbing death of man who told wife to “calm down”

by Kyle Petryla
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Man tells woman to calm down

by Kyle Petrylla

Coquitlam, BC –  woman acquitted of all charges in homicide case after jury hears tape of argument in which she was repeatedly told to “calm down.”

Carol Johnston 43, who was facing life in prison for the stabbing death of husband William Johnston 47, was released from a Port Coquitlam jail on Tuesday morning.

The case took a turn in the defendant’s favour after the all-female jury heard a recording of the couple’s argument that was discovered on the home’s Alexa.

The recording featured an argument between the couple over what they should do for dinner, where Carol didn’t know what she wanted for dinner, but she certainly didn’t want anything William had suggested.  As the tape continued you could hear Carol get increasingly upset when you hear William’s voice say, “calm down.” Things only escalated from that point, and you can hear William tell Carol to “calm down” two additional times.  The incident ended with Carol lunging across the room and stabbing William 76 times with an amethyst wand that she had purchased that day from a local spiritual shop.  William succumbed to his injuries in the hospital later that night.

After hearing the deceased say, “calm down” the first time there was an audible gasp in the courtroom and after the third time jurors #5 and #6 threw up in disgust.

After only 10 minutes the jury had returned to the courtroom with their decision.

All charges were dropped, and the death was deemed a justifiable homicide

When asked to comment, Carol Johnston stated “He just kept saying it.  He wouldn’t stop.  It’s enough to drive a person mad.”

Beatrice Johnston the mother of the deceased said, “I had no idea that I had raised such a monster! A wrong was righted today.”

The case has garnered a lot of attention in the press and out of respect, tonight’s Taylor Swift concert will have a revised set list in honour and reverence of today’s ruling.


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