Guy Finds Female Comedian “Actually Kinda Funny”

by Darcia Armstrong
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review of female comedian by random drunk guy

While attending a stand-up comedy show in Vancouver, British Columbia, random guy Gary Conner was surprised to find himself laughing along to a female comedian’s jokes.

“I went to the bar to grab another cold one as soon as she walked on stage, so I didn’t hear the first part of her set. On my way back to my seat, though, this female says something, and I chuckle. Then I look around the room and saw that other people were laughing, too.”

Conner admitted that during the duration of her set, he also let out a few chortles, two guffaws and one belly laugh.

“Hey,” said Conner, “I’m a decent guy and I can admit when I’m wrong. But can you blame me for assuming her jokes would be garbage? Female comedians are, usually, well, let’s not go there…But her jokes were alright by me. Obviously, this girl is different. And, as a man, it’s my duty to tell her so, even though I have so many other things to do.”

“So yeah,” said Michelle Haddad, who has been performing stand-up comedy across Canada for eight years. “I was sharing a j with a couple of the other comics after the show when this guy approached me. I believe his exact words were, “I don’t usually like women comedians but actually, you were pretty funny-””

“I also gave her a couple of jokes from my old memory bank,” interrupted Connor, while tapping his noggin with his pointer finger. “And told her a funny conversation I had at a laundromat a few years back. Told her she could use all of it in her little skits. I support women like that, y’know. I just gave my comedy gold away because I get that she needs a leg up.”

Haddad recalls the conversation from a slightly different perspective. “He told me some super lame puns that I hadn’t heard since my grandpa died four years ago, and one extremely offensive story. He then proceeded to repeat a couple of my jokes back to me, and explained why they were funny so I would know for next time, I guess? Except they weren’t actually my jokes. He told a bit from the only other female comedian on the line up. She looks nothing like me and has a completely different accent from mine.”

“She’s wrong,” argued Conner. I know what I saw, and I know what I heard. Who is she to tell me what jokes she told and what jokes she didn’t? This is the last time I support a female trying to get into comedy.”

Haddad did not respond to Conner’s outburst or further questions as she was furiously writing in her notebook. We look forward to hearing her recount this experience at an open mic in the near future.

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