Review of Seasons 2020 & 2021 of Earth by Universe Critics

by Sarah Blackmore
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universe critics review seasons 2020 2021

written by Sarah Blackmore

3.2 rating for Earth

The clear desperation to remain relevant while somehow simultaneously phoning it in is a truly impressive feat that the writers of Earth have managed to subject their viewers to during its most recent season. Threatening “World War Three” was an embarrassingly low point to begin on, considering the past seasons’ openers; many may remember the joyous beginning of season 2000 when it was revealed that all computers on earth were not in fact about to shut down, and the surprise heroes were previous underdogs, the computer programmers. A far cry from season 2000’s intelligence, the incongruous and lazy nature of season 2020 makes it disappointingly obvious that discernment and prudence weren’t foremost considerations in the writers room.

It’s as if writers of Earth saw the continued sympathy towards sister-show Pluto, and were unable to sit idly by without kicking up the largest fuss in the Milky Way once again. When critical fans of the show took to universal message boards of prayer to express their gripes with the season, writers of Earth lashed out by implementing another Coronavirus. The subsequent pandemic put arbitrary boundaries on the resulting storylines, and thus the quality of the show suffered immensely.  However, with a nearly unbearable smugness, Earth reminded the Universal stage that its implementation of the internet in season 1983 would ensure that seasons 20/21 would not suffer, even with most characters forced indoors. However, predictably the successive story arcs were flattened, bringing to the show a two dimensional storytelling style that anyone from a light year away could have predicted would force all characters into a deep depression.

What’s more is that the writers clearly panicked when the United States Presidential Election storyline ironically compounded grief for most viewers, despite its initial purpose of providing comic relief. Not to mention that the choice to prematurely kill off many prominent celebrity characters of colour, including Kobe Bryant, DMX, Chadwick Boseman and Naya Rivera, is a tired cliche often employed by lesser horror films, especially considering there were far more evil white characters the show could have done without.

The implementation of unfair vaccine distribution to the globally wealthy was an oversight by tired old writers who continue to reward season 1945’s heroes. After season 2020 the writers made public promises to lighten up the tone, however season 2021 has already proven it is destined to repeat the same tired tropes implemented time and time again. Here’s to hoping that the production company listens to cries of the fans to make the writers room more diverse in season 2022. There are many rumours of a full cast and crew overthrow, in the hopes of a complete turnover.

The author believes they speak for many when they say they will, despite inevitable cries of Stockholm syndrome, stick around to see what happens next because, thank god, the set design is just so damn beautiful.

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