Retro Cooking with Kelly: Let’s Cook With Ketchup?

by Kelly Zemnickis
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Gallery of Regrettable Food Jamie LileksOn today’s episode of Retro Cooking with Kelly, she is featuring two recipes from James Lileks’ cookbook entitled The Gallery of Regrettable Food. Kelly’s warm up is a hot toddy. Quick note: use whatever booze you’d like for this soup drink, just make sure to use a lot of it. You’ll know why when you see the recipe. Next, she explores the wonderful world of cooking with ketchup. Yup. Ketchup.

Want to make this with her? Here are the ingredients

Lemon Cloud
1 cup chicken broth
1 slice lemon
Whatever alcohol you want in any amount. It really doesn’t matter.

Harlequin Spinach
Ingredients (undetermined amounts of):
Butter or margarine
Fresh or frozen spinach
Chili powder
Processed cheese

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