If Not Then, Then Now:  Women in Comedy, a Series

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women in comedy

Our sister organization, Black Sheep Comedy, published a series of personal essays written by women who chose to get into comedy in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. What held them back in their earlier years? Was there a defining catalyst that finally brought them to the stage (or dive bar or open mic or comedy class)?  Do they have any regrets? After all, the world of comedy can be harsh, especially for those who may not fit a certain mold. Follow the links below to learn their personal stories and motivators. Perhaps they may even provide a little personal motivation and inspiration for you, dear reader!

My Catalyst to Comedy and Finding My Lady Balls, Kelly Zemnikis

Falling Face First Into Stand Up Comedy, Darcia Armstrong

From Andrea Dice Clay to Late Bloomer

From Cancer to Comedy, and Channeling My (Self)Righteousness, Sarah Boston

From Ackee Seeds to Stage Time: Getting into Stand-Up Comedy at 58, Beverley Ellis

Finding My Side-Hustle: Starting Comedy at 70, Jane Banks

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